In Need of Union Spirit (Image: DalinYebo)

A true South African Story

Not much seems to have changed (in South Africa), since we first told the story in 2006 (we presented the these slides to a Fossil Fuel Foundation workshop) .. but we have … and offer alternatives, e.g. GreenEnergyPark™, µ-BioRefinery™ or Paid4PreTreatment™.

Our conclusions are still the same. For a successful bio-based economy to evolve, it needs:

  Clear political instructions

  A capable and highly funded venture capital industry

But, in our humble opinion, the key ingredient needed is “Union Spirit”, a willingness to collaborate, to step out of ring-fencing everything (e.g. IP) with the sole purpose to maximise profits or living in silos producing academic outcomes that are ‘interesting’, but disconnected from the reality of business. Therefore, our contribution to an open innovation space is the development and sharing of knowhow on the pretreatment of biomass in a biorefinery that pays for itself and customises lignocellulosic residue for further processing (cellulosic ethanol, dissolving pulp, biogas, electricity, etc. etc.)

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