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How Green is Biomass?

It is very green, as long as you turn it into value-added products (like furfural or Hydrogen/Biochar), as opposed to just burning it!

Initial Platform Chemicals (IPCs) from Lignocellulose

100 years ago, the first commercial production of furfural started in the USA.

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(Furfural) Biorefinery 101: Start Simpler

Keep it simple! Making furfural is not rocket science.
It’s all about the integrating furfural production into the mass and energy balance of a pulp or sugar mill,

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Palm Biomass to Furfural

Palm Biomass to Furfural

Date palm trees produce huge amount of agricultural wastes in the form of dry leaves, stems, pits, seeds etc.  (Image:

DalinYebo has found palm residues to be a suitable feedstock for furfural production!

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Adding Value to Biomass, not only from the Co-producing Furfural when processing Sugarcane or Sweet Sorghum

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