Proserpine Updates on Furfural Project Progress
Overview of the Bagasse Dryer integration.
11 November 2008, Proserpine (Queensland, Australia) – At a recent briefing of the members of Proserpine Cooperative Sugar Mill, CEO of the Sugar Mill & Biorefinery, John Power, provided an update on the progress of the construction of the new bagasse drier and furfural plant that are scheduled to go into production during the 2009 crushing season.

Digestors and Condensor (Otc’08)
Bagasse Dryer (Oct’08)

The plant (see the picture of flow chart below) operates under an environmental Licence – there is no release of water and limited release of VOCs. The plant is classed as a Chemical Plant and the design involved Hazard Identification (HAZID) as well as Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies. The project complied with all Australian Government approvals required for the development of the furfural plant and received development approval, incorporating approvals by Whitsunday Regional Council, Emergency Services, Department of Main Roads and Environmental Protection Agency.

The technology that will be used is called SupraYield

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