Cobelec™: Electricity from Ag. Residues
In September 2010, our business plan was recognised as runner-up in a clean energy financing forum.

Cobs are harvest residue left behind on the fields: Suitable for power generation! (Image: DalinYebo)

Project to collect and convert 60,000 tonne/year biomass into electricity and other products. Business plan developed. Call for Series-A financing.


The Cobelec™ business plan presentation outlines a cleantech investment for renewable energy made from agricultural residues. In September 2010, our business plan was recognised as runner-up in a clean energy financing forum.

A pre-feasibility study has been performed that shows that the conversion of 60,000 tonnes/year of agricultural residues can be converted into 7MW of electricity. The conversion technology employed is gasification which produces a combustible gas that is used in a specialised gas engine (GE Jenbacher or similar).

After the competition, due to the difficult regulatory environment in South Africa, interested investors asked for an investigation into alternative products (i.e. not electricity) which we have completed. These products include hydrogen, bio-SNG (Synthetic Natural Gas) and ammonia. To complement this plant, a bio-based chemicals plant has also been proposed in a separate project (Cobchem­™) where a portion of the biomass will be extracted and converted to furfural prior to gasification.  Should the gasification be used to form hydrogen, furfural alcohol could be another product that this processing complex (GreenEnergyPark™) could manufacture.

The direction of this project and the final configuration of the plants will depend on the interest of investors and at this stage is flexible.

Business Case

Visit our Downloads for the Cobelec™ Business Plan and/or the Investor Presentation (click here to view it online).


Biomass sources/ collection equipment: Enquiries and progress monitoring since 2004
Project: December 2009 – Present

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