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This email legal notice is enforceable and binding on the recipient

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This email legal notice is enforceable and binding on the recipient / addressee ..

.. in terms of Electronic Communications and Transactions (“ECT”) Act 25 of 2002 (Republic of South Africa), which can be downloaded from www.gov.za. This e-mail message and all attachments thereto contain confidential information intended for a specific addressee and purpose and is the property of the sender. The DalinYebo Group retains the intellectual property including copyright in all e-mail messages and attachments sent from its communications systems insofar as such content is original and subject to copyright. The intended recipient is only licensed to open and read the message and/or attachments. All other rights are reserved unless so indicated by the sender and/or the DalinYebo Group.

If you are not the addressee (a) you may not disclose, copy, distribute or take any action based on the contents hereof; (b) kindly inform the sender immediately and destroy all copies hereof. Any copying, publication or disclosure of this message, or part hereof, in any form whatsoever, without the sender’s express written consent, is prohibited.

No opinion expressed or implied by the sender necessarily constitutes the opinion of the DalinYebo Group. This message does not constitute a guarantee or proof of the facts mentioned herein. No employee or intermediary is authorised to conclude a binding agreement on behalf of the DalinYebo Group by e-mail without the express written confirmation by a duly authorised representative of the DalinYebo Group.

The following companies are referred to individually or collectively as “the DalinYebo Group”:

  1. DalinYebo Trading and Development (Pty) Ltd,
  2. DalinYebo Investments CC,
  3. International Furan Technology (Pty) Ltd,
  4. Cobelec (Pty) Ltd,
  5. ConnectingTheDots (Pty) Ltd,
  6. dyGenesys, Inc.,
  7. DalinYebo, Inc.,

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+27 87 353 9809

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