Knowhow (Scope of Services)

If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it. (Albert Einstein)

We offer unique knowledge, expertise and a custom-made approach for our clients to covert lignocellulosic biomass into value added products, with a special focus on furfural and its many by-products and energy (‘green coal’, steam, electricity, cellulosic ethanol, etc.)

DalinYebo shares its intellectual capital (e.g. market, products, technology, CAPEX and OPEX data) under a fee-for-service agreement e.g. for scoping studies, viability assessments, diagnostic studies, project development plans, process design packages, pre-feasibility studies, bankable feasibility studies, marketing & sales plans and business plans.

Our competent & talented professionals have a strong technology core and global understanding of the furfural industry specifically and solid technical expertise in the bio-renewables space in general. Our engineers, scientists and project professionals have been involved in the chemical industry (furfural/sugar, ethanol, pulp & paper, etc.) and in electricity generation from direct combustion (i.e. steam generation/steam turbine projects in the sugar and pulp and paper industry), since the 1970s.

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