Start Small – Think Big

GreenEnergyPark™, by DalinYebo: For simple and profitable biomass to energy and/or chemicals conversions.

Whether it is a 2MW electricity installation or a 10,000 tpa biobased chemicals plant, the basic designs are complete.
We are ready to tailor a solution to suit client requirements. The core of the Green Energy Park is a power island that produces the energy for a variety of uses, e.g.:
– Electricity (On- or/and Off-grid).
– Steam/electricity for the manufacture of biobased chemicals, such as furfural, hydrogen, furfuryl alcohol, etc.
– Green electricity to develop (non-chemical) manufacturing enterprises.
– A combination of the above and/or other unit processes.
Whether the power island is a simple residue boiler for a furfural plant or a high volume gasifier that supplies bio-SNG, we’re able to independently select from a variety of suppliers to provide our clients the most cost effective solution in view of current and/or future needs.

See also The following slides are extracts from our GrEnPa Video:

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