Applying modern knowhow & techniques to a 1832 discovery
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DalinYebo’s strong accent on practical Research and Development is supplemented by the addition of new and novel 3rd party technologies (under license) to our development portfolios: These technologies often need customisation to a client’s environments and/or needs and are sourced via our international relationships.

Initially, under the guidance of one of the most knowledgeable minds in this field, our researchers further develop an understanding of the chemistry and technology of furfural and its many by-products. The focus of the current technical team has been on the:

  testing of a variety of additional biomass.

  process for liquid feedstock.

  optimisation of the mass and energy balances.

  performance testing of new (post SupraYield®) operating conditions.

DalinYebo Innovation

Since 2001: DalinYebo is the only independent sustainable technology developer in South Africa with a proven track record of success.

Master Key: Unlocking Furfural’s Potential

DalinYebo has developed the ‘master key’: We assist with technology and provide insight to the global furfural business.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

We share knowhow with our clients and partners.

Bolt-on Biorefining for Furfural Production

Upto 10 x higher margin! Compared with the cellulosic ethanol industry's best efforts to make ethanol from the hemiclellulose, turning it into furfural yields profit margins that are upto 10 times higher than the returns per tonne of hemicellulose from ethanol. In...

BBS-Biorefining™: Smart Minds – Disruptive Technology

Low-cost high-efficiency flagship process.
Efficient biomass-to-chemical conversion technologies.

Pulp Miller’s Strategy: Integrate Biochemicals (Furfural)

Pulp Mills are an ideal source of large amounts of ‘free pentoses’, from which furfural is made.

Growing a US$5bn Business

We translated the big picture of a global bio-based business it into tangible projects for farmers, converters and off-takers.


Connecting the many “dots” of bio-based value chains.

It’s Not Rocket Science (Images)

Fundamentally the plants have not changed – We made them more efficient.

Applied Knowhow

Engineering that has worked for 90 years.

Entreprises & Jobs

We have found that the key to the creation of a biobased business is not (only) the IP/technology.
It is the application our rare knowhow and the connecting of ALL the elements and players in the biomass value-chain!

Green & Clean Chemistry

Furfural is the base chemical for making bio-renewable THF.

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