Applying modern knowhow & techniques to a 1832 discovery
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DalinYebo’s strong accent on practical Research and Development is supplemented by the addition of new and novel 3rd party technologies (under license) to our development portfolios: These technologies often need customisation to a client’s environments and/or needs and are sourced via our international relationships.

Initially, under the guidance of one of the most knowledgeable minds in this field, our researchers further develop an understanding of the chemistry and technology of furfural and its many by-products. The focus of the current technical team has been on the:

  testing of a variety of additional biomass.

  process for liquid feedstock.

  optimisation of the mass and energy balances.

  performance testing of new (post SupraYield®) operating conditions.

From the Labs to the Markets: The Furfural Story

Financing the Development & Commercialisation of Novel Biorefining Technology: The Furfural Case (from Lab-bench to US$30 million Commercial Plants & IP Sale)

Knowhow (Scope of Services)

DalinYebo shares its intellectual capital under a fee-for-service agreement.

Start Small – Think Big

Small, simple and sustainable biomass to energy and/or chemicals solutions.

GREEN focus!

The building of businesses on the People Planet Profit sustainability principle requires a paradigm shift from all participants (bankers, engineers, government officials, operators, farmers, etc.


Turing Sweet Sorghum into a biofuel and green chemical.

Applied Knowhow

Engineering that has worked for 90 years.

BBS-Biorefining™: Smart Minds – Disruptive Technology

Low-cost high-efficiency flagship process.
Efficient biomass-to-chemical conversion technologies.

Furfural Production

Furfural is also one of the oldest biobased chemicals.

Furfural: It’s Not Rocket Science

With our CLIENTS, we share our understanding of (how to get to the) MARKETS and (what’s the most economical & proven) TECHNOLOGY.

Entreprises & Jobs

We have found that the key to the creation of a biobased business is not (only) the IP/technology.
It is the application our rare knowhow and the connecting of ALL the elements and players in the biomass value-chain!


The core of the GreenEnergyPark is an off-grid power island and biorefinery.

It’s Not Rocket Science (Images)

Fundamentally the plants have not changed – We made them more efficient.

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