Connecting the many "dots" of bio-based value chains.
At DalinYebo we are well experienced to connect the many “dots” to complete the value chains that every successful bio-based business needs.

Since 2001, DalinYebo has developed and commercialised technology for the production of furfural from a variety of biomass. Our team is well experienced in connecting the many “dots” of the value chains, such as:

  Field -> Processing -> Market

  R&D -> Technology Development -> Commercialisation

We are determined to contribute towards achieving the socioeconomic goals that go hand-in-hand with a green economy.

Visit on-online connecting-the-dots presentation: We have split the above value chains into four sets of “dots”, that connect our approach, experience (successes and failures) with practical solutions for existing and/or new players in the GreenEconomy/Cleantech space:

1. Financable Solutions

2. Commercialised Knowhow

3. Biomass Valorisation

4. Collaboration Goals



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