Innovative Minds: Converting Biomass to Chemicals and Energy. Experts with solid technical biorefining expertise.
Competent & talented professionals, strong technology core and global understanding of the furfural industry.

DalinYebo has solid technical expertise in the bio-renewables space. Its engineers, scientists and project professionals have been involved in the chemical industry (furfural/sugar, ethanol, pulp & paper, etc.) and in electricity generation from direct combustion (i.e. steam generation/steam turbine projects in the sugar and pulp and paper industry). Some key points relating to the capacity of our human resources are:

Over 125 years cumulative and appropriate in-house expertise in sugar, pulp & paper, brewing and the biobased chemical (ethanol, furfural, polyols, etc.) industries (NB: Most of these industries employ biomass combustion for the generation of energy/electricity).


Via our US based Joint Venture we have access to specialized energy conversion experience.


Our team members have multi-national experience in the pulp & paper, agricultural and affiliated industries in Africa, India, Australia, Peru, Guyana, USA, Switzerland, Emirates and Oman, and currently maintain relationships in many more countries (e.g. China and Eastern European countries).


We are multi-generational, aged late 20’s to mid 60’s. We have multi-disciplinary competence typically associated with an engineering consultancy, complemented by financial, plant pathology (African Centre for Crop Improvement), biomass combustion, environmental science, farming, logistics, agricultural chemical and turf treatment expertise.


Corporate Associations: DalinYebo maintains a network of contacts working at internationally reputable companies, who understand our business and are able to provide support in, for example, R&D, design, product development, project implementation, market research, product and technology marketing.


DalinYebo outsources HR, bookkeeping, legal and company secretarial services. Our extended core-team is engaged on a contract basis and consists of graduates for plant operation, two additional engineers for process design, a Professor in plant pathology and two financial experts. We also have access to R&D and other facilities with related services at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


Besides our strong technical and projects implementation knowledge, we also have seasoned marketers on our team who with specialised knowhow of the global furfural (and its many by-products) market. DalinYebo’s knowledge base provides market information about Furfural (“FF”), which is the precursor for furfuryl alcohol (“FA”), tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol (THFA), furoic acid, furfurylamine, methylfuran and furan. From furan, tetrahydrofuran (THF) is derived, which is the precursor for polytetramethylene ether glycol (PTMEG)

Our Biobased Business




It’s Not Rocket Science to Add Extra Revenue to Sugarcane Bagasse (& Trash)

Bolt-on furfural production: Fast, low-risk and low-cost bio-refining of bagasse and trash.

Furfural-based Bioresins for Fiber-reinforced Bioplastics

Poly(Furfuryl Alcohol), PFA, is obtained from a condensation polymerisation of furfuryl alcohol (FA).
FA is made from furfural.

Master Key: Unlocking Furfural’s Potential

DalinYebo has developed the ‘master key’: We assist with technology and provide insight to the global furfural business.

Applied Knowhow

Engineering that has worked for 90 years.


Connecting the many “dots” of bio-based value chains.

About Biomass

During our 10 years of furfural process R&D, we tested and characterised a large variety of (solid or/and liquid) biomass sources for their handling and processing characteristics.


A methodology in support of conventional investment risk assessments for the bio-based industry.


The µ-BioRefinery™ is a downscaled adaptation of the GreenEnergyPark™ concept.


The core of the GreenEnergyPark is an off-grid power island and biorefinery.


Invest in products derived from sun, water and soil and its people who farm the land.

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