Introducing: Biomass.Market

A local, cloud-based trading platform that connects biomass owners with users/bio-refiners.

Disruption With A Difference

All Biomass is local! It does not makes economic sense to ship it long distances!

Editor’s Note: The lack of available feedstock (e.g. corncobs) for smaller biorefineries such as the GreenEnergyPark™ and the absence of a local biomass trade was the inspiration to create a platform that allows farmers and foresters to connect with users of biomass.

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GCIP Executive Summary and Posters

Biomass.Market™ is a local, cloud-based biomass trading & information platform. It connects small & large farmers or foresters with biomass processors (such as power plants, agro-processing hubs & biorefiners).

Biomass.Market™ was founded by a team that has over 17 years of biomass processing experience on the one side and is supported by IT tech experts, as well as rural planners and a rural development NGO on the other side.

Therefore, Biomass.Market™:

provides a trading platform,

distributes relevant business information and

has a technical support team:

that ensures on-time supply and product quality,

advises on harvesting and logistics or on biomass processing/business opportunities. 

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