Furfural: It’s Not Rocket Science

With our CLIENTS, we share our understanding of (how to get to the) MARKETS and (what's the most economical & proven) TECHNOLOGY.

24.10.2013News, Technology

Furfural Reaction Kinetics – (Manually operated) HP Steam Control Valves (Image: DalinYebo)

Its about kinetics and the control valve.

In our “Applied Knowhow” article, we describe the background and outline why we offer the most economical and fit-for-purpose biomass-processing technologies to make furfural.

Specifically, we provide:



Which includes:

 Access to Market


With our CLIENTS, we share our understanding of …

… the furfural market (Not import statistics, but who is buying, where and who from).

… how the furfural market price is determined.

market trends (downstream uses: traditional and new).


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