Furfural is THE Biobased Platform Chemical
Furfural has been commercially used since the 1920s.
Furfural: A Promising Platform Chemical

Furfural: A Promising Platform Chemical (Abstract Image by pubs.acs.org)

Furfural chemistry is one of the oldest biomass-derived platforms for synthetic products like resins, plastics, polymers, etc.

DalinYebo’s Insight: The publication “Furfural: A Promising Platform Compound for Sustainable Production of C4 and C5 Chemicals” [1] refers:

Furfural is actually not a ‘promising’ platform chemical as 100s (I googled it!) of scientists state when they publish research in the furfural space. Furfural has been commercially used since the 1920s. The first Nylon stocking was made from furfural derived chemistry in the mid-50s. Very soon, however, large-scale nylon production was switched to cheaper oil-based chemistry. The barrier to large-scale use of furfural is and always has been its costs compared to oil-derived chemistry.

It is ‘promising’, however, to see the ever increasing research output that centres around furfural, which hopefully will result in a cost reduction of making the many furfural by-products (derivatives)!


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