FDCA to PEF (Polyethylene Furanoate): A Production Cost Analysis

The total operating cost (raw materials, utilities, fixed costs and depreciation costs) estimated to produce PEF was about $2,700/ton in Q2 2015.

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FDCA to PEF (Polyethylene Furanoate) A Production Cost Analysis

Analyses and models prepared on the basis of publicly available and non-confidential information.

DalinYebo’s Insight: 

  • Current small/pilot 2,5-FDCA (2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid) quantities are produced from sugar (sucrose) derived 5-HMF (5-Hydroxymethylfurfural) [1]. An alternate pathway to FDCA from furfural is via furoic acid.
  • Their economic evaluation (page 2) arrived on a total production cost of $2,700/ton PEF (2015).
  • 2018 market prices for PET reached €1,350/tonne [2] (page 3).
  • A €1,200/tonne difference (between PEF production cost and PET market price)!! (NB: Adjusted for USD/Euro as well as ton/tonne)


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  • [1] 5-HMF.com
  • [2] polyestertime.com (June 2018)
  • [3] The article “Technology Profile: Polyethylene Furanoate Production” is based on “Polyethylene Furanoate Production — Cost Analysis,” a report published by Intratec.

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