Carbon-Carbon coupling reactions of furan and furfural (liquid transportation fuels)

Abstract: Upgrading of furan and small oxygenates obtained from the decomposition of cellulosic materials via formation of carbon-carbon bonds is critical to effective conversion of biomass to liquid transportation fuels. Simulation-driven molecular level understanding of carbon-carbon bond formation is required to design efficient catalysts and processes. Accurate quantum chemical methods are utilized here to predict the reaction energetics for conversion of furan (C4H4O) to C5-C8 ethers and the transformation of furfural (C5H6O2) to C13-C26 alkanes. …

DalinYebo‘s insight:

Interesting Furan Chemistry: Vapour phase catalysis for upgrading of furans/furfurals to longer chain hydrocarbons. (also see

See on, via  Scoop.itFurfural and its many By-products

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