Biobased Energy

Lignocellulosic biomass stores sunlight in the form of chemical energy and at the same time converted CO2 into oxygen.

Biomass stores the sun’s energy. DalinYebo releases it!

Biobased energy and bio-renewable chemicals go hand in hand: For our biobased chemicals business, we recover the hemicellulose, which leaves the remaining lignocellulose for conversion into energy products, such as electricity, steam or ethanol.

Our biorefining projects are based on a smart mass and energy integration (see GreenEnergyPark™).
We deploy third party technology, use our own or a mixture of both.
We find custom-made solution: E.g. the Chimera™ development was initiated as it aims at harnessing energy from cane trash. Our Cobelec™ projects are designed to use conrcobs for electricity and (future) chemical production (Cobchem™). All our projects use residues from agriculture as primary feedstock.

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