New Agricultural Economy
DalinYebo's GreenEnergyPark™ will contribute to Africa's food security and create permanent rural job
GreenEnergyPark™: Empowering Africa’s New Agricultural Economy

DalinYebo’s GreenEnergyPark™ will contribute to Africa’s food security and create permanent rural jobs, because these small economic hubs are located in the centres of agricultural areas and its profits will flow back to the farming community. The anchor tenants of the GreenEnergyPark™ are a furfural biorefinery and an electricity co-generation plant, which will provide off-grid power to other tenants, such as micro maize millers (or to the surrounding villages). Furfural biorefineries have been operating since 1922 (e.g in the USA or China). Since 2001, our technology provider, International Furan Technology (Pty) Ltd (IFT), has modernised these old process and made them more energy efficient.

Non-food biomass will be procured locally. Such feedstock could be the residues of the food-chain, like corncobs, oat hulls, rice hulls, sunflower husks, cotton seed hulls, sugarcane bagasse or could be forestry residues. Alternative feedstock available are energy crops (e.g. sweet sorghum) that have been selected for their suitability to grow in less fertile areas or as in-fill crops for current sugar plantations.

 Biorefineries will be the biggest short-term contributor to the growth of socioeconomic benefits and a green economy.

Large-scale biorefineries may succeed in the western world, but in our opinion, Africa needs smaller production units. IFT provides smaller scale production plants that are the basis for the µ-BioRefinery™  and n-BioRefinery™ designs. DalinYebo has developed the business plans on the basis of a decentralised operation of several small production units. The sole hurdle that’s left to jump-start the New African Agricultural Economy is the development of the biomass supply chains. This activity is location and crop specific. The multi-skilled team at DalinYebo is well experienced to connect the many “dots” in order to co-ordinate and merge farming, processing and global markets, using (or developing) technology and processes that are tailored to specific environments and/or communities.


From Concept to Commissioning

DalinYebo has solid technical expertise in the bio-renewables space. Its engineers, scientists and project professionals have been involved in the chemical industry (furfural/sugar, ethanol, pulp & paper, etc.) and in electricity generation from direct combustion (i.e. steam generation/steam turbine projects in the sugar and pulp and paper industry).




 Process Plants

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 Project Structuring and Development

 Permitting and Licensing (EIA, IPP, etc.)

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