Residue (Lignocellulose)
Use of lignocellulosic furfural residues (for example: pre-treated feedstock for cellulosic ethanol)
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From Biomass to Lignocellulose

DalinYebo has developed techniques and applies modern, proven technology to reduce a furfural plant’s steam usage.

Traditionally, there is only a limited amount of residue left after furfural production. Most of it is consumed by the plant’s boilers to generate the steam for the furfural process. If the steam usage is reduced, there are direct benefits, such as:

  Reduced effluent (liquid and airborne)!

  Lignocellulosic residue available for other uses. We have evaluated (laboratory, studies, market research, etc.):

  Furfural Residue: Ideal Feedstock For Cellulosic Ethanol

  Electricity Co-generation / CHP plants

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  Why Furfural Helps Cellulosic Ethanol

  Cattle Feed

  Activated Carbon

  Celluling Fibre

  Absorbent to clean oil/chemical spills

  More examples ..

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