Distiller’s Grain

(Image: www.ethanolproducer.com)
(Image: www.ethanolproducer.com)

Distiller’s Grain

Additional revenue from Distiller’s Grain

The distiller’s grain from an ethanol plant that consumes 15 million bu of corn per year has a furfural potential in the order of 8,000 tons (7,300 metric tonnes) per annum. This translates into US$8 – $12 million revenue or ±US$80 per tonne of DDSG.

Furfural is produced from the hemicellulose fraction (of the distillers grain), which has no/low nutritional or energy value.

The balance of the distiller’s grain is still usable e.g. for animal feed (with an enriched protein and fat content!), biopolymers (example), etc.

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  For owners of biomass we offer technology and market access, creating investment opportunities in the cleantech space. Contact us to discuss the potential your biomass has for the production of furfural.

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This article is part of a series on “biomass for furfural” production, which provides our clients with updates and analysis on the fundamentals and competitiveness of a variety of feedstock.

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