“So, It is time we rebuild this industry and put aside the false claims, the tree-hugging propaganda of food x fuel, replacing oil, ILUC, blabla, the lack of interest in anything considered ‘agricultural’, etc. We have to start from the very bottom, and that is the choosing of a feedstock to be used as a basis for an entire industry “

In this thought-provoking article, Al Costa, Alkol’s founder, points a strange move to natural gas that seems to be happening now among many biofuels CEOS and companies.
He concludes that the reason is that the entire biofuels model was built on a pyramid with no base, where too much attention was given to methods and processes built on the premise that there would be abundant quality feedstock to feed them. And when it finally it became clear that feedstock just wasn’t there, did not comply with expected specs, or was beyond reasonable price, the entire model crumbled despite all that advanced technology.

Costa then compares that model with countries which succesfully implemented biofuels, and finds that in those there was indeed an initial study on feedstock possibilities before the model was implemented.

Costa then states that, under such premises, it is almost understandable that otherwise questionable move, as there is plenty of natural gas, so the “feedstock” problem seems to be finally resolved.

Finally, it concludes that a revised model for the entire biofuels industry is needed, where the feedstock is paid full attention and only when found then we can move ahead into turning it into useful molecules.

Download the report from: Global BioBusiness: the power of Bioenergy now on your hands

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