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The most committed and purpose-driven entrepreneurs in the bio-rewable chemicals industry (since 2001).

Long story short

It is one thing to develop a process that works in a laboratory environment, and quite another to bring together a team of people that can commercialise and sell the process, structure license and project agreements, design a massive plant in another country, build a global marketing structure for the products and make a profit in the process. The DalinYebo’s key personnel consist of the enlarged team who achieved all of that by bringing together and motivating a diverse team of professionals to overcome many challenges and equipping them to master further challenges that lie ahead. The core team has been in business together since the end of the 1990s. Besides receiving the awards below, the team’s achievements to date were based on the commercialisation of technology to make biobased chemicals.

won the Neale-May Gold Medal in 2004 for “Development of the novel SupraYield® process”,

  was nominated in 2005 and 2006 “Technology Top 100 Enterprise” and

  was awarded by the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology in 2006 “in recognition of achievement in developing the bioscience sector in South Africa”.

DalinYebo also handled all aspects of project and market development for plants in Proserpine (Queensland, Australia) and Panoli (Gujarat State, India) with a combined investment value of US$55 million. The company was started with private and venture capital, which successfully exited after the sale of the IP in 2007. Since then DalinYebo has changed its business model and is now developing and wanting to operate biobased power plants and biorefineries DalinYebo is also a global sales agent for furfural production technology as well as furfural and furfuryl alcohol.

Who We Are

Our team of experts has over 150 years of agriculture/bio-based chemicals experience. We are an independent organsiation that offers practical solutions that add value to lignocellulosic biomass (pulp mill liquor, cellulosic hydrolysate, forestry residues, sugarcane bagasse, olive pomace, sunflower husks, oat hulls, corncobs, etc.).

We are ...

Farmers, Plant Pathologists, Engineers, Accountants, Sugarcane and Sweet Sorghum Growers, Paper Makers, Ethanol Brewers, Furfural Makers, Marketers, Project Finance Advisors, Communication Specialists, (Social) Entrepreneurs, etc.

Consulting & Mentoring

Help & Support

We draw from a pool of very senior, experienced or/and retired professionals who offer their expertise on all the elements of the biomass-to-market value chain.

Talk” to Us!  


Whether it is a short term or a complex assignment, we know that our clients appreciate our well structured approach in taking an idea from concept to commercialisation.

Innovative Projects

Some of our (award winning) innovations in the biomass space are Biomass.Market    (Local buying and selling of biomass), or Cobelec™   (An ag residue to electricity – and chemicals – business plan).

Research (and Development)

Biomass conversion into products that replace oil or coal derived materials is still at its infancy (in our opinion). Our small team has successfully managed R&D development processes in the biomass space, collaborating with industries, investors and academia. We have learnt from our mistakes and offer therefore more than just our expertise!

Trading & Development

Creating Wealth: Sharing our Global Marketing Network

DalinYebo’s business is about furfural (production technology and its markets), which basically means that we are very ..

.. knowledgeable about all aspects of the biomass-to-energy-and-chemicals value chain.

What & How

DalinYebo’s business ranges from conceptualisation to operating of bio-refineries that produce and sell furfural, its many by-products and energy. Besides multidisciplinary technical and project implementation expertise, we also undertake all activities from product market studies to global sales.

Our (biobased) Business

Smart biomass (agricultural/forest residues) conversions to energy and chemicals.

Our Approach

We help to push (technology) and pull (marketing)!


What & How


Creating Biobased Businesses

Enterprises & Jobs

‘Growing’ Green, Rural Jobs


Applying modern knowhow & techniques to a 1832 discovery

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