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Polyester From Furfural

2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid (FDCA): Discovered in 1876 | Synthesis pathway is adapted from Kamm et al. [5]

Aiming for a small slice of the ±50million tpa (polyester) market.


Furoic Acid


Customary process for making furoic acid: Cannizzaro reaction, followed by acidification (Image by DalinYebo)

Furoic acid, is the oldest know furan derivative


Defining Moment for Bioplastic Feedstock Developments

The recent decline of crude oil prices during 2015 forward has hampered the growth of bioplastics, yet the remarkable technology achievements in biochemical building blocks of the past two decades will continue strong during this transition period. (Image:

With declining oil prices bioplastics will experience increased competition from fossil fuel based, volume plastics …


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