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Rethinking Biofuel Yields

Biomass for Biofuels (Image: K.Stepnitz, Michigan State University)

Biomass for Biofuels (Image: K.Stepnitz, Michigan State University)

According to new research from Michigan State University (MSU), focusing solely on biomass yield comes at a high price.


SA biofuel strategy ‘positive’

08/01/2007 13:38 – (SA)
Bloemfontein – The South African biofuels industry on Monday welcomed government’s approval of a draft biofuel strategy, to be fine-tuned in consultation with the industry (more…)

Closing In on Butanol for Biofuel


At the ARS Bioenergy Research Unit in Peoria, Illinois, chemical engineer Nasib Qureshi observes and controls a fermentor in which butanol is produced from corn stover and recovered simultaneously with a vacuum.

Butanol is the go-to industrial solvent for products such as lacquers and enamels, but it might also play a substantial role in the production of renewable fuels. Gallon for gallon, it has 30 percent more energy than ethanol and only around 4 percent less energy than a gallon of petroleum-based gasoline.


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