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Philipp Steiner Dipl. Chem. HTL. Philipp Steiner Dipl. Chem. HTL.
Philipp Steiner: CEO and responsible for making relationships work, strategies and financial control.

Philipp is a founding director of the DalinYebo Group and directs its strategies, oversee financial control of the company and leads a team of very experienced professionals and consultants.

His activities are focused on being the interface between technology, marketing, innovation and business success. Philipp assists and develops projects for the benefit of small, rural communities as well as for (agro-)industrial corporations. Basically, our teams provide (tech) solutions for missing links to create bioeconomic value chains, e.g. how to turn a corncob into rocket-fuel!

Since 1984, Philipp has worked in R&D laboratories, chemical production, project management and business development for Swiss, South African and global companies. In his companies, he directs the strategies, oversees financial control and leads teams of very experienced professionals and consultants.

I had great marketing and business development mentors and I'm able to now share my knowhow in this field and give constructive input to win tenders and/or successfully negotiate studies and/or the management of project implementations. Since the early days of my work-life, I have been involved with R&D and product developments that are focused to deliver commercial outcomes. Essentially, I spent over 25 years of my career in the bio-based resources sector and I share the technology and business insights that I have gained with my teams for the benefit of our customers to create a climate-smart environment to live in.

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