Biomass to Market


Gianluca Marcotullio PhD, MSc Eng (Mech), Associate Gianluca Marcotullio PhD, MSc Eng (Mech), Associate
Gianluca Marcotullio has an engineering background (Ph.D.) and a few years experience in the energy and utilities field.

He graduate in Dec 2011 with a Ph.D. from Delft University of Technology (NL). His in-depth knowledge in the field of process development for new generation biorefineries, with a particular focus on furfural chemistry and technology is published in his thesis "The Chemistry And Technology Of Furfural For Modern Lignocellulose-Feedstock Biorefineries (Furfural, the sleeping beauty)". Gianluca has authored and co-authored several scientific publications related to the fractionation of biomass via thermo-chemical processes, and especially on the mechanism of furfural formation from pentoses in dilute aqueous solutions. He is the inventor of a novel process for the production of furfural (patent application NL 2005588, US 12/944,403) and he has worked for the European FP6 "Biosynergy" researach project.

He is presently researcher and design engineer at SEA Servizi Energia e Ambiente srl (Italy) and associate consultant at DalinYebo. 

Gianluca's specialist field of knowledge covers a broad spectrum of the chemistry and technology of sugars dehydration into furans, innovative biomass technologies, heat and power production, process engineering and economics, engineering thermodynamics, and energy efficiency.