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We buy Corncobs & Other Biomass

Cob.Trade™ wants your corncobs (or other biomass), arranges the collection and pays on the spot. Cob.Trade™ is an app and a secure cloud-based trading platform that helps to connect individual biomass owners with a local buyer.

Agricultural residues need local processing hubs (e.g a biorefinery or micro-power plant), as they are not suitable nor economical for the conventional commodities trade. A biorefinery needs committed local suppliers. Cob.Trade™ helps to create the market, without middlemen, for small and large farmers.

We’re initially targeting regions with a ±50km-radius in selected maize growing areas/countries. Cob.Trade™ charges a 2.5% commission on each transaction and licenses the software to the the local buyer for an annual fee, as they'll benefit from the logistics as well the inventory management of the app and so can grow an exclusive supply chain in their territory.

We have a very experienced team that combines bioeconomy expertise with the sharp IT minds who have the appropriate track record. Globally, biomass trade is in its infancy. Cob.Trade™ will use its first mover advantage to brickwall local trade in that we create an exclusive trading network. We'll start with a small pilot project in 2016 in Western KwaZulu-Natal and then scale-up, fast, leading to at least 30 sites with a R25million annual revenue by 2020. Thereafter, we expect to triple the number of sites every two years.

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The purpose of this document is to give potential investors in DalinYebo an overview of the company, its strategic objectives, the market it operates in and of the team that runs the company. The aim is to provide background information in support of the business plan and to create an understanding for the environment in which the expansion capital will be deployed. Such equity capital would allow an investor to participate in the expected international growth of clean technology, in particular biorefineries capable of profitably utilising biomass waste products and turning them into chemicals and electricity.


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uThukela GreenEnergyPark™- Biomass-Processing Hub GreenEnergyPark™: Creating Wealth For Rural KwaZulu-Natal

Revised Business Plan for the uThukela GreenEnergyPark.


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