Biomass to Market

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Biomass Beyond Energy!

Adding value by turning agricultural residues not only into green energy (electricity), but also into bio-renewable chemicals, on the basis of small, decentralised biomass processing hubs.

Ingwawuma GreenEnergyPark™: How to Create Wealth In Northern KwaZulu-Natal

Concpet Plan for the Ingwavuma GreenEnergyPark.

KZNbiochemicalCluster KZN Biochemicals: Revised Concept Plan for the Furfural Platform

Furfural, which is made form biomass, is a natural precursor to furan-based chemicals and has the potential to become a major renewable platform chemical for the production of biochemicals and biofuels. For example, furfural was used to showcase the synthesis[1] of alternatives to petro-chemical derived polymers. These products are identical to their petro-chemical equivalents and can be use to as drop-in substitute to manufacture bio-renewable plastics.

Proximity to and availability of feedstock are two key ingredients to develop this green-chemical processing hub.